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The best reasons why you should buy a villa on the Costa Blanca North

Oct 14, 2022

Perhaps you have thought about it: buying a villa on the Costa Blanca North. Beautiful beaches, wonderful temperatures and a great range of luxury villas to buy: it's a great destination!

But why is this one of the best places to buy your Spanish property? In this article we take you through the destinations on this coast and the reasons why it is such a good location to buy property. Vamos!

Which destinations are there on the Costa Blanca North?

In the north of the Costa Blanca there are many destinations that are perfect for spending holidays or everyday life. Below we give you a selection from the list of some popular destinations to purchase a home.


The first destination on the list is Denia, a charming place that offers both tranquility and liveliness. It feels authentic and offers an excellent quality of life for its residents. Here's something for everyone! Denia has about 41,000 inhabitants.


If there is one thing that Jávea is known for, it is for its amazing beaches and coves. But you can also find beautiful villas and a nice, historic city center here. A wonderful place to enjoy your holiday or everyday life! About 27,000 inhabitants live in Jávea.


Great beaches, beautiful bays and a pleasant historic center: welcome to Benissa! The destination is authentic and offers many activities throughout the year. Despite being somewhat hidden, it is a popular destination for both holidaymakers and foreigners looking for a home. About 10,000 inhabitants live in Benissa.


Moraira is a popular place, both for holidays and to live. You will not find mass tourism here, but rather a cozy harbor. In addition, there is also activity in the winter, unlike some other destinations on the same coast. Moraira has only about 1600 (official) inhabitants.


Known for the large rock (the Peñón de Ifach), but much more than that: Calpe is also a very nice destination to buy your house. You can come here if you like good beaches, nature, but also for fun. Calpe has around 30,000 inhabitants.


Located on the mountain we find the beautiful white village of Altea, a popular holiday destination for Spaniards as well as many English, Dutch, Belgian en other nationalities form across Europe. The picturesque center and the pleasant boulevard down on the coast make this a very nice place to buy a house.

Benidorm / Finestrat

Who does not know it; Benidorm?! One of the most famous places on the Costa Blanca North, especially when it comes to nightlife and entertainment. In the summer about 500,000 inhabitants live here, a huge number compared to the rest of the year: 70,000. But did you know that you don't have to stay in this bustle and still get all the benefits of it? Zoos, water parks, a bustling center with cozy tapas streets are all part of it. If you invest in Sierra Cortina or Cala de Finestrat, you will be staying in a luxury area while having all these advantages just around the corner. The high skyscrapers of Cala de Finestrat provide a modern look, while the spacious luxury neighborhood of Sierra Cortina offers a beautiful view over Benidorm.


Known for its colored houses and fine beaches: welcome to Villajoyosa! This village has about 33,000 inhabitants. This is a great destination if you like activity, but not the tourism that Benidorm welcomes every year.

Reason 1: It's a great investment

Instead of leaving the money in the bank, you can also choose to invest an amount in Spanish real estate. This is not a wrong decision in 2022, because inflation will make your savings worth less when it is in the bank. You may even (still) pay negative interest on this amount!

When you decide that you want to buy a villa on the Costa Blanca North, it is a smart choice for both now and for the future. You can choose to rent the villa to others for now. When you pay less per month on mortgage payments, for example, than on rental income, this means that you generate income every month with your purchase.

In addition, this area has only increased in popularity in recent years, which has caused property prices to rise. This is a trend that will most likely continue in the years to come, which could mean that you can sell your villa for a profit later on. In this way you can also invest with a view to the future without renting out the villa.

However, you do not have to worry that there is nothing within your budget, because despite the fact that prices have increased, the houses still cost a lot less than in the UK. You get more for your money in Spain. Even compared to other areas and cities in Spain, the Costa Blanca North is an excellent choice. House prices are still affordable here.

Reason 2: The weather is good all year round

Unlike in other parts of Spain, the weather on the Costa Blanca North is nice all year round. The summers are not too hot as can be the case in the south of the country, and the winters are mild. In addition, it does not rain much, something that does happen in areas such as Galicia and Asturias.

You can also enjoy more than 300 days of sunshine a year on the Costa Blanca! You will find that when you look outside and see a blue sky instead of a gray one, it has a major impact on your mood. Because let's be honest: who doesn't enjoy the Spanish sun?!

Reason 3: The good location

As far as the location is concerned, you can't really do better than on the Costa Blanca North. It is close to both Alicante and Valencia, which is ideal if you often take the plane. Both cities have major international airports.

In addition, you will be in other areas of Spain in no time. The coast is fairly mid-length of the country, allowing you to travel both north and south without being thousands of miles away.

In addition to the international airports, the Costa Blanca North also has a good network of highways and public transport is also well connected.

For us it is clear: The Costa Blanca North is one of the best areas in Spain to buy a house!

After reading this article, we hope we have convinced you that the Costa Blanca North is the perfect place to buy your villa. Great weather, a convenient location and plenty of towns and cities to choose from: it's an excellent place to stay! In addition, it is a good investment for the future.

If you would like to know more about how to buy a villa on the Costa Blanca North, please contact us. We are happy to help you and speak to you soon!

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