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Emigrating to Spain: all you need to know!

Sep 17, 2020

Life in the United Kingdom is great. Everything is well organized. Salaries and social benefits are better than in most other countries. Security is quite good and corruption is limited. Still it tickles with many people; somethings missing. Whether it's the weather, too much daily stress or the need for something new ... there has to be more to get out of life and the south beckons!

Spain has occupied a high place in the future dreams of many Northern Europeans for years. The climate, the outdoors, the food, the mentality. And so there is a whole list of points that have caused many people to emigrate to Spain. Sometimes the reason is work related and a Spanish job is a reason for relocation. De-stressing is often an important reason. Many people are also considering moving to a pleasant climate towards retirement age.

Emigrating to Spain: what is involved?

There is a whole world between dream and reality. Emigrating to Spain also means learning the language, finding a home, providing an income, a school for the children, arranging medical matters, insurance, etc. These are matters that require the necessary preparations and raise the necessary questions.

We at Rayos de Sol have gone through the same process and we can reassure you: it's worth it! There is an answer to every question and a lot of useful information is available online. There are forums and Facebook groups about emigrating to Spain and information about living and working in Spain can also be found via the Embassy. It is certainly advisable to go to Spain a number of times to get a good idea of ​​the country and the regions before you make a final decision to emigrate.

Where to live in Spain?

If you don't have a job or a home yet, determining the ideal place in Spain is an important step. The best location is different for everyone. Coast or inland, proximity to an airport and many other factors play a role. Close medical facilities are often an important requirement for older people. Fortunately, the quality of the Spanish healthcare system is very good. Younger people often look for a place near a city with employment. The climate also plays a major role in the choice of location. In southern Spain it can be very hot in the summer and in the northwest it sometimes rains just as much as in the UK. So immerse yourself in the different seasons.

Work in Spain

In Spain unemployment is traditionally somewhat higher than in Northern Europe, but there are certainly interesting jobs to be found for people who speak their languages ​​and for professionals. Many foreigners find work in tourism or services aimed at foreigners, for example on the Costas or on the Spanish islands. Large international companies are often located in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Keep in mind that the salary level in Spain is lower than in the UK. On the other hand, life outside the big cities in Spain is still quite cheap and completely inland. Portals where you can find work include Infojobs and Monster. This mostly concerns Spanish-language vacancies. For offers of work in other languages, you can check international recruitment agencies or local employment agencies, especially in the big cities.

Schools in Spain

The school system is different in Spain than in the UK. If you have school-age children, it is advised to check the differences and the options to minimize the delay in making the switch. For primary education you can often choose from public schools, private schools or semi-private schools. The quality often depends on the schools concerned. If you want an international education, a private school is often the best choice.

Find a home in Spain

Before planning your move, it is useful to arrange a home in Spain. Many people rent something first, but if you are convinced of the location and your plans, then buying immediately is a good option. In Spain there are several portals to find a home, as the equivalent of Funda Spain. One of those portals that also offers English language advertisements is Idealista. You can find both rental and for sale properties here.

Since buying a home in Spain works differently than in the UK, the support of a real estate agent is recommended. For example, it is wise to verify whether the house has been legally built (or renovated), whether there are burdens, what the zoning plan is, etc. A buyer in Spain has more responsibility than in the UK, where a notary often has a more active role. As a English speaking real estate agent in Spain, Rayos de Sol has a lot of experience in guiding UK citizens when buying their Spanish home. We are happy to help you find your ideal home. View our properties for sale in Spain here.

If you want to finance the Spanish home, read more about obtaining a mortgage in Spain here.

Finally, we recommend that you read our article on Spanish customs as an introduction to Spanish culture.

We wish you the best of luck in preparing for emigration to Spain!

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