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Zoopla Spain: Properties for sale in Spain

Aug 12, 2020

Spain is a popular country among to purchase a second home or to live permanently. Many people look for the equivalent of Zoopla in Spain to find the perfect home. After all, Zoopla is one of the main portals on which houses in the United Kingdom can be found. Zoopla Spain does not exist, but fortunately there are specialized real estate agents who fulfill this need. When buying a house abroad, not only the availability is important, but for most people the support in the buying process is also important. For example, a specialized real estate agent can guide you through all the steps required to purchase a house in Spain. Not only the language is different, but Spain also differs from the UK in terms of legislation and tax matters. For example, it is customary to consult a Spanish lawyer when purchasing a home. Obtaining a mortgage is also essential for some of our clients. A mortgage in Spain for foreign buyers has its own demands, which Spanish brokers are not familiar with.

Properties in Spain

Of course there are also online property portals in Spain. These are often aimed at the local market and are Spanish-speaking, with the largest supply concentrated around the cities. In addition, a number of commercial portals have emerged in recent years, such as Kyero. However, in reality it appears that some of the brokers do not update their properties on these portals, so that these already sold while being offered. This, in combination with the enormous number of properties on these portals, often means that you might get lost and don't know where to start. Add to that that you will be contacted continuously by real estate agents, even with regard to properties you are not interested in. Our experience is that the English often look for a home in specific regions with a pleasant climate, good facilities and near the coast. For that reason, Rayos de Sol has specialized in the Costa Blanca and the Costa Cálida. These are 2 regions where it is also pleasant to stay in winter and where there are many nice places to visit and live. The proximity of beaches, golf courses, airports and good facilities ensures that many people from abroad quickly feel at home here.

On the following links you will find more information about buying a house on the Costa Blanca and buying a house on the Costa Calida. Not sure yet which region you prefer? Then you will find here our offer of all houses for sale in Spain.

Are you looking for help purchasing a property in Spain? We are not Zoopla Spain, but we offer a personal service listening to your wishes and preferences. You can contact us without obligation for a tailor-made search so that we can inform you as soon as a property meets your needs becomes available. Because we were once just like you searching for the right property, we know how important it is to have a good advisor who takes all your wishes into account.

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