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Cabo de Palos: Detailed information about this popular holiday destination!

Jul 01, 2021


Information about Cabo de Palos

Cabo de Palos is a cape on the Costa Cálida, in the autonomous region of Murcia. The name also refers to the small fishing village that is located on the cape and belongs to the municipality of Cartagena. Nearby you will find the Mar Menor, a lagoon that is separated from the Mediterranean Sea by the narrow strip of land of La Manga del Mar Menor.

Cape Cabo de Palos surprises you with magnificent views of the Mediterranean Sea and an impressive rocky coast. Small bays are hidden between the rocks, but there are also long sandy beaches in the immediate vicinity. In short: Cabo de Palos is an excellent destination for beach lovers. Immerse yourself in the authentic fishing atmosphere of this part of Spain. Or visit some interesting cities in the area, such as Cartagena, Murcia and Torrevieja. And there are also plenty of options for nature lovers. In and around Cabo de Palos, everyone really gets their money's worth!

What to do in Cabo de Palos?

The history of Cabo de Palos takes us way back. For example, according to Pliny the Elder and Rufius Festus Avienus, there would have been a temple to the Phoenician god Baal Hammon in ancient times. In the sixteenth century, the area was ravaged by Barbary pirates. That is why Emperor Charles V decided to build the watchtower Torre de San Antonio. Around that time, Philip II, with the help of experts, planned a major defense system on the coast. In that context, the tower was finally finished in 1578.

On Cabo de Palos, you will see the local lighthouse towering over everything and everyone. It reaches up to 81 meters above sea level. Its construction began in 1862 and some three years later it would shine for the first time. From the lighthouse you will be presented with impressive views. Off the coast of Cabo de Palos, several battles have been fought and several ship accidents have taken place throughout history. As a result, there are still many wrecks that you can discover while diving.

The rocky coast of Cabo de Palos is dotted with inviting coves where it is wonderful to stay. Take a dip in the crystal clear water and then enjoy the pleasantly warm rays of the sun. In the vicinity you can also lay down your towel on the soft sands of Playa de Levante or one of the many other phenomenal sandy beaches on the Mar Menor.

AdobeStock_251643190 verkleind.jpgThose who enjoy getting out into nature will be well served in this corner of Spain. From Cabo de Palos you can easily reach the Regional Park Calblanque, where you can walk, cycle and climb as if it were a delight. Bring your bathing suit as you will find some fantastic sandy beaches along the coastline. North of the Mar Menor, don't miss the Salinas y Arenales de San Pedro del Pinatar Regional Park. You will find, among other things, salt lakes and special plant and bird species. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy themselves every day on the Mar Menor. Windsurfing, sailing or diving are just a few of the many options near your home.

Back in Cabo de Palos itself it is pleasant to stay in the harbor. Taste the maritime character of this fishing village and take a seat in one of the many authentic fish restaurants. Taking a day trip? That is quite possible in the vicinity of your holiday home in Cabo de Palos. For example, you can go bargain hunting in a shopping center nearby or learn the rich history of the beautiful city of Cartagena. It is entirely up to you how you plan your stay on the Costa Cálida.

Restaurants and Bars in Cabo de Palos

19609406Master.jpgIn Cabo de Palos you will find a wide range of excellent restaurants. Especially in and around the harbor there are many nice places to eat or drink something, almost always with a view of the clear Mediterranean Sea. At  Restaurante El Mosqui you can taste caldero, a rice dish typical of the Mar Menor region. This Murcian dish is also on the menu at Muro de Sal. House specialties include king prawn quesadillas, a tuna burger and spaghetti frutti di mare. At Muro de Sal you can eat right on the waterfront with a view of charming white houses on the other side.

At Restaurante Miramar you can also prepare for a wonderful culinary experience. You look out on the boats in the port of Cabo de Palos, while you enjoy rice dishes from the region, a delicious piece of fish or fresh seafood. Nearby you will find Bocana de Palos, a delightful address that is once again at sea. Enjoy the flavors of the Mediterranean and choose a matching wine from the extensive drink menu. For more Mediterranean flavors, head to Restaurante El Faro.

On the other side of the harbor, meat lovers can indulge themselves at  El Rancho de Cabo de Palos, an Argentine grill restaurant. The menu includes different types of empanadas, ribs, steaks and also rice dishes. Possible desserts include cheesecake, tiramisu, and a brownie. Fancy Italian cuisine? Then Gran Torino is for you. Enjoy pizzas, pastas and other specialties from Italy. Other must-see culinary options nearby are Ajo y Agua and Malvasía (on Playa Honda). In Cabo de Palos you will clearly not be left hungry.

Golf in Cabo de Palos

In addition to culinary connoisseurs, golf enthusiasts will also get their money's worth during a stay in Cabo de Palos. Nearby you can, for example, enjoy the excellent facilities of La Manga Club. A little more to the north you will find the eighteen holes of La Serena Golf, designed by the Spanish professional player Manuel Piñero. Or how about  Roda Golf, Club de Golf Torre-Pacheco, UGOLF Mar Menor or Las Ramblas Golf? Dust off your golf clubs and play a round on the sun-drenched Costa Cálida.

Weather in Cabo de Palos

Owning a home in Cabo de Palos has countless advantages. One of the biggest advantages is perhaps the favorable weather conditions that you experience almost all year round. The sun shines in this region for about 320 days a year. The average annual temperature is about 18 degrees. Get ready for mild winters and not too hot summers in Cabo de Palos thanks to the presence of the Mediterranean Sea. On warm days you can take a dip in one of the many local bays. And in winter you can often have breakfast on the terrace of your home. Who wouldn't want to sign up for that?

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