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Calpe: Detailed information about this popular holiday destination!

Jun 29, 2021


Information about Calpe

Calpe (Valencian: Calp) is without a doubt one of the most attractive seaside resorts to buy a property on the Costa Blanca. This municipality is located in the province of Alicante, in the Spanish autonomous region of Valencia. It covers an area of ​​23.51 square kilometers and has about 23,000 inhabitants. Among the locals you will find both Spaniards and foreigners. The atmosphere in Calpe therefore feels authentic and international. The city of Alicante can be reached from Calpe after about fifty minutes by car. It takes an hour and a half to drive to Valencia. You can fly from the UK  to the international airports of these cities and then easily travel to your holiday home in Calpe.

Calpe is a beautiful coastal town with great beaches, a rich history and a wide range of activities. There is much to experience and do, for both young and old. The main attraction of Calpe is the imposing limestone rock Peñón de Ifach. This giant rises 332 meters above sea level and dominates the city skyline. The rock has become one of the highlights of the Costa Blanca. Do not forget to explore the surroundings of Calpe during your stay. Beautiful seaside resorts such as Moraira, Altea, Benidorm, Jávea and Dénia welcome you with open arms on their wonderful beaches.

What to do in Calpe?

Calpe has a fascinating history that will take you way back in time. You can get to know the local past in the Museo de Historia de Calp. There you can admire remains from the Bronze Age and the Iberian period. The Roman archaeological site of Baños de la Reina and the village of Pobla de Ifach are also featured in this museum.

The Moors also left their mark on the Calpe area. After the Christian conquest, the Islamist administrative structure was temporarily retained by the Crown of Aragon. Later the Moors were expelled by the Christians after a revolt.

Under the Aragonese Admiral Roger de Lauria a settlement was built on the rock of Calpe (Pobla de Ifach). However, it would be destroyed in the War of the Two Peters. The population then fled to the hilltop hamlet of Calpe. As a result, the population of the hamlet increased and the economy took off.

In 1637, Calpe experienced one of the darkest episodes in its history. Barbary pirates looted the city and 290 residents were taken to Algeria. Five years later they were released in exchange for gold and prisoners of the pirates. The population of Calpe increased in the seventeenth century and people were forced to live outside the city walls. In the eighteenth century, plans were made for a new city wall.

AdobeStock_194914217.jpegIn the nineteenth century, maritime shipping became significantly more important in Calpe, and new infrastructure was built for this industry. Later, in the 1930s, there was more activity along the coast. Salt production started again and the salt plains of Calpe were taken over. Larger boats could be built thanks to the technical progress of the time. Tourism also contributed. Hotels were built along the coast that catered to the emerging middle class. Just after the Second World War, construction continued along the coast of Calpe. In the late 1960s, a major construction boom followed due to political changes and the rise of mass tourism.

Today Calpe is an attractive city with fascinating sights and a wide range of activities. The historic center is very picturesque and well worth a visit. You will find the Torre de la Peça, the church of Nuestra Señora de las Nieves and some interesting museums. A mural by Gastón Castello adorns the tourism office and, among other things, brings the local fishing industry to life. 

You don't have to be bored for a moment in Calpe. Climb the Peñón de Ifach and enjoy unparalleled views of the Mediterranean and the area around your home. In 1987 the rock and its surroundings were declared a natural park. You will find many special plant and bird species. Another unmissable natural spot in Calpe is the salinas (salt plains), where you can admire elegant pink flamingos. Still some energy left? Then take your bike for a beautiful tour along the Costa Blanca, one of the best cycling destinations in all of Spain.

After these trips you probably need some welcome relaxation. For that you can go to the great beaches of Calpe. Choose a spot on the soft sands of Playa de la Fossa or Playa del Arenal Bol, or take refuge in one of the municipality's smaller coves. Along the coast you can also practice all kinds of fun water sports, always with a view of the imposing Peñón de Ifach. 

Restaurants and bars in Calpe

calpe-5795645_1920.jpgFor culinary indulgence you have come to the right place in Calpe. The city surprises you with a wide gastronomic offer with something for everyone. For a fun dining experience in the historic center, visit Casa Mola Mola. The colorful decor will undoubtedly make you happy, and then you have not yet tasted the creative dishes on the menu. Local seasonal products are transformed into gastronomic works of art. Choose the tapas menu or the menu del día.

Another excellent option in Calpe for foodies is La Viña de Calpe. You can enjoy dishes to lick your fingers in an elegant southern decor with lots of greenery. The mussels with curry, the ravioli with mushrooms and the sea bass in salt crust are just a few of the many recommendations. 

El Cantal is the place to be in Calpe if you want to taste Mediterranean cuisine. Don't miss the paella, a classic from the Valencia region. The gazpacho, sardines and fish soup are also worth a mention. One great additional asset: the great view of the bay of Calpe and the emblematic Peñón de Ifach. Other recommended restaurants in Calpe: Capri Restaurante Restaurante (on Playa del Arenal Bol), Beat(one Michelin star) and Puerto Blanco 

Do not forget to visit the harbor in your search for goodies in Calpe. There you can feast on delicious fresh fish and paella. For a drink, the offer in Calpe is just as wide. At Playa de la Fossa you can sip a cocktail overlooking the shimmering Mediterranean Sea.

Play golf in Calpe 

Get your golf clubs dusted and hit while you stay at your home in Calpe. In the neighborhood you will find several beautiful locations to fully develop your golf skills. We are thinking of Puig Campana Golf, Club de Golf Jávea, Club de Golf Ifach and Altea Club de Golf. Melia Villaitana Golf Club and Club de Golf Oliva Nova are also easily accessible from your holiday home.

The weather in Calpe

The climate is undoubtedly one of Calpe's greatest assets. In summer it is pleasantly warm, but not as unbearably hot as in the extreme south of Spain. The winter feels soft by UK standards and invites you to live outside. Most of the year there is no rainfall, and the sun shines for about 320 days every year. The average annual temperature is a pleasant 18 degrees. You can already hear it: to enjoy in pleasant weather conditions you have chosen the right destination with Calpe.

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