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Villajoyosa: Detailed information about this popular holiday destination!

Jul 02, 2021


Information about Villajoyosa

The municipality of Villajoyosa (Valencian: La Vila Joiosa) is located in the province of Alicante, in the Spanish autonomous community of Valencia. The town has more than 35,000 inhabitants and covers an area of ​​38.5 square kilometers. Close by you will find the cities of Alicante and Benidorm. Alicante has an international airport that is connected to various UK Airports. After your arrival in Spain you will therefore not have to travel far to your home in Villajoyosa. Valencia, Spain's third city, can be reached after an hour and a half's drive. Other popular places that you can easily visit are El Campello, Altea and Calpe.

Villajoyosa is the capital of Marina Baja and is crossed by the river Amadorio. The town is known for the excellent chocolate produced by the Valor brand, among others, and the long seafaring tradition. This tradition comes to life on the beach promenade, where colorful fishermen's houses determine the street scene. These houses were painted in striking colors, so that fishing boats at sea could see where to go. Another great asset of Villajoyosa is the local coastline that is no less than fifteen kilometers long. Choose your favorite beach and enjoy a sun-drenched stay on the Costa Blanca.

What to do in Villajoyosa?

The Villajoyosa story started in the Bronze Age. An Iberian settlement was then established on the hill of the city. Under the Romans the place grew into the flourishing city of "Alonis". Bathhouses from that period have been found, among other things. Alonis became a Christian town called La Vila Joiosa in 1300. This happened under the rule of James II of Aragon.

In the 16th century, the coastline of Alicante was ravaged by constant attacks from Barbary pirates. Villajoyosa would play a key role in the defense. King Philip II had walls and watchtowers erected there. At the end of the seventeenth century, the attacks by pirates came to an end, which allowed the city to expand beyond the city walls. Villajoyosa would be proclaimed "city" in 1911 by Alfons XIII.

From the rich past of Villajoyosa, several interesting sights remain in the city. Just think of the Torre del Aguiló, a tower built in the sixteenth century. In the historic center you will find remains of the city walls, as well as the parish church Iglesia de la Asunción. The latter monument had a defensive function as well as a religious one. We recommend a walk along the river Amadorio, where you can admire beautiful colourful casas colgantes (hanging houses). To give your day even more colour, you can get a breath of fresh air on the attractive beach promenade. Enjoy the view of the foaming Mediterranean Sea and feast your eyes with the characteristic fisherman's houses in cheerful colours.

Villajoyosa is often mentioned in the same breath with chocolate. Several large chocolate factories are located in the town. Perhaps the best known is that of the Valencian brand Valor. You can visit the Valor Chocolate Museum and fully immerse yourself in the history and production process of this local chocolate brand. Buy some chocolate for your holiday home or enjoy chocolate con churros in the Valor tearoom.

AdobeStock_244203163 verkleind.jpgMany visitors fall in love with the beaches of Villajoyosa, and we understand why. The local coastline gives you a real holiday feeling during your stay on the Costa Blanca and offers something for everyone. Do you prefer a long stretch of sand with extensive facilities? Then you can, for example, visit Playa de la Vila Joiosa, the beach near the city center. You can practice various water sports or build sandcastles with your children in the soft sand. For a beach day in a beautiful natural setting, Playa del Torres is the perfect place. Nearby you will find the Torre de Hércules, from the second century.

Do you like to be active? Then Villajoyosa and its surroundings offer you countless possibilities. Explore the coast during a beautiful walk or go out by bike in the mountainous hinterland. A stopover at the nearby embalse de Amadorio reservoir is highly recommended during your cycling adventures.

Also keep a close eye on Villajoyosa's event calendar. After all, the Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos take place at the end of July. These festivities depict an attack by Barbary pirates and how the locals repelled that attack. The parties go back more than 250 years in Villajoyosa and are therefore certainly not to be missed during a holiday or a longer stay. As you can see, you will not be bored for a moment in Villajoyosa and the surrounding area.

Restaurants and bars in Villajoyosa

AdobeStock_210780728 verkleind.jpgGood food and drink is an easy task in Villajoyosa. In the town you will find a wide and varied range of restaurants and bars. Both in the center and on the beach promenade there are many possibilities for a delicious and extensive dinner or to have a drink together. A nice gastronomic address is Taberna Tres14. This cozy tavern in Calle Colón is run by chef Jaume Pinet. You can enjoy delicious regional dishes with a modern twist, often with fresh sea products in the lead. We can already recommend the paella.

Continue your gastronomic journey through Villajoyosa and stop in the harbor at  Ca Marta. In this restaurant you will discover the pure flavors of the Mediterranean. Enjoy a paella and a piece of fresh fish, before finishing with a delicious dessert such as vilero (nougat ice cream with hot chocolate sauce and whipped cream).

Other recommended places to eat during your stay in Villajoyosa include meer PUUR Food and Drinks, T-Class, Casa Elordi, El Pòsit and Hogar del Pescador. For a drink, the beach promenade is undoubtedly the most beautiful setting you can imagine. Sip a sangria, a beer or a glass of wine and gaze at the endless blue sea. Life on the Costa Blanca is so beautiful!

Play golf in Villajoyosa

The Costa Blanca is teeming with golf courses and clubs where you can let off steam. Set a course from your Villajoyosa home to the Melia Villaitana Golf Club (Benidorm) and hit the two 18-hole golf courses. At Las Rejas Golf, also in Benidorm, practice your golf skills with a view of some of the skyscrapers of this popular resort. A unique experience! If you follow the coast in the other direction, you will approach the metropolis of Alicante. In these parts you can go to Golf Bonalba and Alicante Golf. The choice is yours!

Weather in Villajoyosa

Villajoyosa has a pleasant climate. You will experience wonderfully warm summers and mild, not cold winters. This is because the cold air largely lingers in the mountainous interior. The average annual temperature is more than 19 degrees, and there are few other places in Spain that can enjoy more hours of sunshine per year. Moreover, there is little rainfall in Villajoyosa on an annual basis. In short: all the ingredients are there for a beautiful and unforgettable stay on the Costa Blanca.

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