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Letting of properties in Spain

Mar 28, 2024

The sunny world of property lettings in Spain

One of the most attractive aspects of investing in property rental in Spain is the constant demand for holiday accommodation. With its diverse landscapes, from bustling cities to iconic coastal resorts, Spain attracts millions of tourists every year. In 2023, there were 85.1 million, 19% more than the previous year. the high number of visitors highlights Spain's appeal as an international destination. The country continues to benefit from its rich history and vibrant culture, making it a top destination for travellers from all over the world. This creates a continuous need for rental properties, making the market stable and lucrative for investors.

Interesting tax rates on rental income

Another attractive feature of renting property in Spain are the favourable tax regimes. The country has specific tax benefits for non-resident property investors, meaning that your investment can not only be financially rewarding, but also tax-friendly. These tax benefits make Spain an attractive destination for international investors looking for profitable real estate opportunities.

The process of buying and renting property in Spain is generally quite straightforward and transparent. For long-term rentals, you can draw up a contract; for short-term rentals, you also need a rental licence, known in Spain as the ¨licencia de alquiler turístico¨. With a well-developed property market and the right estate agent familiar with local laws and regulations, buying to let is made easy. This also makes it attractive for investors new to the property market.

Enjoy your investment yourself

Besides financial benefits, renting property in Spain also offers the opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle. Many of our clients choose to use their properties as holiday accommodation themselves. This not only gives them the chance to relax in their own piece of paradise, but also allows them to generate additional income when they are not staying there themselves. With the right knowledge and guidance, investors can take a successful and rewarding step into the world of the Spanish property rental market.

Professional guidance when letting your property

Professional advice from an estate agent is invaluable in the rental market. An experienced estate agent understands local market conditions, pricing trends and legal requirements. We can help determine a reasonable rent, offer strategies for attracting suitable tenants, and can advise regarding keyholding and rental services (reception of guests/cleaning/maintenance). Rayos de Sol has access to an extensive network to act quickly and efficiently. Moreover, we can offer valuable insight into the negotiation process. This is why we say: your dream, our passion


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