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New Year's Eve traditions in Spain

Dec 30, 2023

How are you going to celebrate New Year's Eve this year? Perhaps with family and/or friends, or do you have your own tradition? If you are in Spain on New Year's Eve this year, there is a good chance that you will notice some special traditions. By the way, it is not customary in Spain to set off fireworks on New Year's Eve. This can often be seen at major events, for example, but the Spaniards are not used to this. We have listed a number of traditions for you.

The 12 grapes (Uvas de la suerte)

This is a very well-known tradition in Spain. This tradition originated around the year 1909. In this year a lot of grapes were harvested. For this reason they decided to use the grapes as lucky fruits. At midnight, the Spaniards eat 12 grapes, one at each chime of the clock. If you want to try this tradition, we recommend that you be careful. A grape every second can of course be quite difficult. The Spaniards have been practicing this for years. The trick is to swallow the small, skinless grapes in one go.

Walking around with a suitcase

Do you want to travel a lot in the new year? Then it is smart to walk outside with your suitcase around midnight. With this not very practical tradition, the idea is to walk around the block with your suitcase when the clock strikes 12 o'clock. Many people believe that you then have a better chance of making beautiful trips.

Red underwear

Another way to have good luck in the next year is to wear red underwear during New Year's Eve. This is another tradition in Spain. You will also notice that stores have a lot of red underwear. A red bow on the underwear is also allowed, but on the left side. The original tradition is that the underwear should be burned at exactly 12 o'clock at night. But we doubt whether there are many Spaniards who still adhere to this :-). This is also seen as a tradition in many South American countries, but there the colors can be different and it can also mean financial prosperity instead of luck.

Money in the shoe or in your pocket

The last tradition we discuss here is perhaps the simplest. You may already be participating in this without knowing that it is a tradition. For financial happiness in the next year, start the year with money in your shoes. The intention is to put this money into the shoes before midnight. Many people also believe that it can be done with money in your pocket or right hand.

The “own” traditions and events on the Costa Blanca and Costa Calida

If you are in Spain during New Year's Eve, it might also be nice to know what there is to do in this area. In addition to a very nice temperature (with an average of 19 degrees between Christmas and New Year's Eve this year!), there are also events. A well-known event takes place every year in the city of Alicante. The town hall square (Plaza del Ayuntamiento) is full of fun and people counting down and looking at the clock at midnight. Don't forget to buy a bunch of grapes!

Are you in the Benidorm area around New Year's Eve? Then take a look at the hotels or the famous cafes, pubs and restaurants. Many have a fun event on New Year's Eve. Often it is a gala, or a dinner with a fireworks show. Most Spaniards dress chic at New Year's Eve. A big party also takes place every year at Playa de Levante on New Year's Eve! In Altea the party starts outside in front of the church with the blue domes. After eating the grapes, a live orchestra will play music and a DJ will take over later.

The new Year

Do you have the New Year's resolution to be in Spain (more often, just like us? Then there is a good chance that you will be looking for a (holiday) home on the Costa Blanca or the Costa Calida. In our previous blog you could read about a number of important points to consider when buying a home. The Rayos de Sol team is eager to help you with this in the new year. Make an appointment now for an online information session, or let us know what your wishes are via an online registration form.

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