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Properties for sale in Southern Spain: Rayos the Sol helps you to find your ideal property!

Rayos de Sol specialises in the sale of residences in Southern Spain. This area gets 320 days of sun on average each year and boasts an incredibly beautiful climate. The winters are short and far from harsh. Each year brings a practically endless summer with it. Buying a property in Southern Spain comes with other advantages as well. The surrounding salty seas create a high iodine content in the air which, when combined with the low humidity, significantly reduces complaints of respiratory issues, heart problems, rheumatoid arthritis and skin conditions. It is with good reason that the World Health Organisation has named this the region as having the cleanest air in Europe.

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Homes along the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida

Our selection of homes boasts a wide range of residences, from flats to villas and penthouses. This means that the prices vary widely, so they are well-suited to all different types of clients. You will also have your pick of houses along both the Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida. Specifically, we handle the area between Jávea and Cartagena. Simply put, there is something for everyone!

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The infrastructure in southern Spain is very good. The Costa Blanca and Costa Cálida are well connected by two airports. From the UK it’s about two and a half hours to this area. The road network is well well organized and therefore all cities and towns are easily accessible by car. Health care in Spain is developed, just like in the UK.

The surroundings in Southern Spain

When most people think of Spain, the sun, sea and beach come to mind. Of course, these play a big part in the area, with many beaches in the region having “blue flag” status: clean and safe with excellent water quality. However, if you are going to purchase a home in Spain, there will be much more for you to enjoy than just the beach. Picture it: stunning mountains, spectacular vistas, extensive nature reserves and orchards that turn gorgeous colours in the springtime. The 2,000 years of ancient culture in the area means that there are plenty of local attractions. Hikers, lovers of the great outdoors and bird watchers will want for nothing here. Discover Spain’s hidden treasures: stunning, remote beaches and secluded bays. There are plenty of areas in Southern Spain that have yet to be conquered by mass tourism, so your possibilities are extremely diverse. The flatter areas along the coasts of the southern Costa Blanca and northern Costa Cálida are wonderful locations for recreational cycling. A bit further inland and in the northern section of Costa Blanca, many cyclists find the perfect routes that take them through gorgeous mountains with fantastic peaks and valleys.

From golf courses to spa resorts

Golfers will have plenty to do in the area as well: the region is famous for its many golf courses, including several among Europe’s top 100. You cannot forget about the rich underwater world here either: snorkelling and diving are very popular, particularly in the area around Cabo de Palos, which is famous among divers as one of the best places to dive in Europe. There are many spa resorts throughout the region, but especially near Mar Menor (Costa Cálida), thanks to the therapeutic mud that naturally occurs there. If you would rather not visit a spa, you can always head to the famous mud baths of Lo Pagan on your own.

Are you interested in buying a home in Southern Spain, but you are still unsure about everything involved in the process? Or do you have other questions? Please feel free to contact us. We have passed through the same process and will be happy to help you!

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