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Jun 10, 2021

Are you looking for the perfect home in Spain? Then you may have been looking around for a while on various websites and housing platforms. You know it: you leave your contact details, but you will soon be called or emailed every now and then by all kinds of brokers. And you have to pass on your wishes over and over again… All this makes the process of buying a house in Spain long-winded and extremely tiring. Fortunately, Rayos de Sol is there to take all the work off your hands!

Buying a home is an exciting experience, especially when abroad far away from your home town. Everything is new and is slightly different than in the UK. That is why it is fundamental to be properly and professionally guided during the buying process. We at Rayos de Sol will take care of everything for you. Whether you want to buy a new-build home or an existing home, our team of specialists will surprise you with a top-shelf housing offer.

What does a buying broker do?

A purchase broker will help you find your ideal home. He or she knows what is going on in the local real estate market and guides you as much as possible during the entire purchase process. Certainly if you are looking for a home in an area that you are not familiar with, you will be able to use all the professional help. A buying broker sends you a selection of properties based upon your preferences, but also schedules the visits for properties. As the buying broker is your only contact, he/she schedules all visits – also for properties you find yourself on internet.This way you have one agent acting on your behalf for the complete search.

Rayos de Sol, your buying agent on the Costa Blanca / Costa Cálida

Rayos de Sol is a real estate agency specialized in guiding people looking for a property on the Costa Blanca or the Costa Cálida. We are known for our excellent personal service and our great commitment, both before and after the purchase. With Rayos de Sol at your side, you will have no problem finding your dream home in Spain. You can confidently recommend us to your friends and acquaintances. With our motto '' Your dream, our passion '' in mind, we always go the extra mile for all our customers, and that's without any obligation! We are here to find you your dream home!

Rayos de Sol is the contact person you are looking for. With us you only have to state your wishes and budget once, preferably via this form. We ensure smooth and structured communication, and guarantee that you will not be overwhelmed with unwanted e-mails and phone calls. We link our extensive experience and expertise to this efficient communication, so that we always end up with the perfect home in the perfect location. Thanks to our very extensive network, we always find the home that suits you, even if it is not in our database. Even if you have found a suitable home yourself, you can still use our service. However preferably you have not yet contacted the selling party. 

You can also count on us when negotiations are required. We are aware of current market prices like no other and know when there is still a margin for negotiation. For example, you can often negotiate the price for an existing home. For new-build homes, fixed prices are usually used, but we will always try to negotiate with regard to any extras.

When buying an existing home, you will be dealing with the seller's estate agent, who of course represents the interests of his / her client. We are at your side at that moment and help you with our expertise to ask the necessary questions. 

We at Rayos de Sol live and work in the area where you want to buy a property. As a result, we know the market very well and we can estimate the value of a house very well. During the negotiations we therefore advise you on the price and the terms and conditions of sale. Don't want to negotiate yourself? Then we will gladly take that off your hands. This only benefits you, because we know exactly how far we can go. We are also not emotionally involved in the purchase of your home. As a result, we will be better able to hold our ground and get the best price. 

What are the costs for using this service of buying broker for a Spanish property?

In case you contract us as buying broker for a Spanish property, there are no commissions for our services in case of purchasing a newbuild property. When purchasing a newbuild property, we are paid by the developer.

In case you choose to contract us as buying broker for a resale property in Spain, our fees are 2,5% + IVA (Spanish VAT) of the purchase price at succesfull completion of the search (purchasing a Spanish property). If the property is one of our own website, the purchase price is above 400,000 Euro or we don’t find the right property, we don’t charge any costs.

Your offer is accepted, what then?

Found the ideal home? Then you will probably make an offer. Once accepted, the next step in our service begins. We can recommend a lawyer who will represent your interests. The selling party often draws up the sales or reservation contract for you. We will go through this thoroughly with your lawyer and see if everything is correct. The contract states the purchase price, any household effects and the delivery date. 

Your lawyer will check whether everything is in order with the house, both with a new construction and an existing house. In the case of a second-hand home, he / she checks whether there are no debts associated with the house. Often a power of attorney is given to your lawyer at the notary so that he / she can sign contracts for you. Then you don't even have to travel to Spain at all.

Your lawyer will also ensure that the house is transferred to your name. He / she provides on-site legal support and makes the necessary preparations to open a Spanish bank account and obtain the mandatory NIE number. He / she goes to the notary for you and handles your taxes. We guide you throughout this process. We go through all financial and legal matters with you so that you are not faced with unpleasant surprises. 

What else do we do?

Our work is not over after you have closed the sale and put your signature. Anything but. The service after the purchase of your home is very important. Then our work really starts. After all, there is still a lot to do to allay your concerns and doubts. There is a lot (more than you think) when you buy a property in Spain. But rest assured: just like the many other satisfied customers who have gone before you, you will not start this exciting adventure alone thanks to us.

We and our partners guide you from A to Z in your own language. When you are in your home country, we keep a close eye on things in Spain and we monitor whether the agreements made are being fulfilled. With a new building, we check whether the necessary progress is being made. In addition, we will send you photos and videos to keep you informed. We also inform the building developer if, for example, you want to use other materials in your home. We also check whether the construction project is on track to meet the agreed delivery date.

We are present on the day of the transfer of an existing house. We then walk through the house and check that everything that would remain according to the contract is actually left behind. You can also count on us for the choice of furniture (and its delivery), the connection to the internet and the installation of extras such as solar panels. Finally, we also help you manage your home for, for example, rental, and key management.

In short: we offer our customers the service that we would like to receive ourselves. It is with good reason that we still have a very good relationship with many of our customers, and in some cases we have even maintained close friendships.


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